Jodi Collins is a Casting Director/CSA, Executive Producer, Consultant and Coach. She’s especially well known to the world of comedy where her work has served every medium from indie film to shorts to improvised sketch and hybrid and scripted network TV. She places actors, comedians, and sketch performers/improvisers in this assorted work and in host work.

A portal for emerging and established talent Jodi Collins is also known for her highly imaginative eye. She utilizes this ability to best pop the production by finding & placing the highest quality of talent for the project at hand.  She is also known to have a particular affinity for finding quality undiscovered talent just under the radar, which is said to provide fresh and unique work.  She is also trained as an actor, (NYU, BFA) and known for her strong knowledge base & understanding of character, script and talent development.

Her sensibility has a “downtown” NYC flavor that also possesses a clever bite; in the industry is said to be an “actor/writer/director’s casting director!” She finds actors/talent who share this bite often come from the writer and creator worlds in addition to the world of legit actors.

Jodi Collins is a lover of alternative creative works, quirky scripted comedy, spoken word, hip-hop, unexpected kindnesses, all things vibrant & abundant. Her energy is boundless, her collaboration is generous, her eye is “outside of the box”, she knows great talent, and her work ethic allows her to possess a constant beat on what  may be next. This is her signature.