Exectutive Producer:

“Creative Control” — An  industry screenplay reading series with a beat.
Two fully cast screenplays, one singer/songwriter, one host in a salon style downtown hour & 1/2 of undiscovered talent and material ready for development.


Reading of “Whistler’s Mummy”  by Robert Somerfeld — Produced by Gretchen Somerfeld/Directed by David Schweitzer

Associate Producer:

Ars Nova’s reading of “Worry Baby” by Marc Spitz, Produced by Kirsten Ames,
Directed by Andy Goldberg

Executive Producer & Publicity:

New Business for Virgin Atlantic’s Richard Branson for his new company endeavor themed Vintage Airlines. Worked with advertising agency and public relations dept. as the executive producer for Virgin Airline’s building and presentation of this new airline inclusive of its scripting, physical definition and surrounding press and location events.


Disney Television — Hired to consult and conduct general auditions (select content materials), and scout for comedy talent yet known to the network.

NBC Universal — Hired to consult and do general scouting for comedy talent, covered all comedy performers in assorted venues & shows; sketch, one-person shows, standup, alternative and off Broadway theater.

FOX Broadcast — Hired to consult and conduct specific and general auditions. Scout for overall comedy talent in NYC, Chicago and LA.

NBCU Digital — Hired to consult and hold general auditions, scouted for comedy and host talent, NYC from live and existing online content & talent.


*Ongoing work with assorted performers in branding and in comedy at
UCB, NYU, New School, One on One Productions, Improv Olympics, Chicago, etc.

*Individual coaching clients include those who have gotten work on
Ugly Betty, the New York Theatre Workshop, etc.